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With Matthieu Ricard

22 April 2021

Believe in the beauty of a world that is not only guided by profits that benefit the few to the detriment of the majority. Believe that a company can bring…

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16 April 2021

Fortunately, Covid-19 doesn’t stop tea leaves from growing or the harvest from taking place. Samples are reaching us and our taste buds still function, as does our sense of smell….

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Search carefully

9 April 2021

Tea was introduced to Malawi at end of the 19th century by Scottish missionaries. It grows in the far south of former Nyasaland, a stone’s throw from Mozambique. Like many…

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I miss the hubbub

2 April 2021

I miss the roads of Nepal, the streets that run through mountain villages, the tracks that turn muddy in the rain then dry to dust after being baked by a…

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SafeTea™, our safety system

26 March 2021

Two weeks ago I promised you that a wonderful Rohini Early Spring would be arriving, and that it would be available after the obligatory food safety analyses. Sadly, we must…

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Nepal is still waiting to be rebuilt

4 August 2017

In Nepal, the effects of the earthquake are ongoing. Whole villages are still in ruins, their inhabitants living among these ruins, in houses that have half-collapsed, covered over with a…

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300 years old and it still has all its leaves

26 August 2016

Here’s what a tea plant looks like when it has been left to grow, rather than being kept low so that its buds and shoots can be picked easily. From…

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The incredible variety of teas in Fujian

30 January 2015

In China, Fujian is one of the most important tea-producing provinces. Important from a historical perspective, because the first shipments of teas bound for Europe left from its ports; important…

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Les théiers sont taillés tous les cinq ou dix ans

24 February 2012

Si vous voulez que votre théier produise beaucoup de feuilles encore faut-il l’entourer de soins. Tous les cinq ou dix ans, par exemple, il va falloir procéder à une taille…

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Hisanori Masuda, designer de théières

23 February 2010

J’ai le plaisir de vous présenter mon ami Hisanori Masuda. Hisanori est un fameux designer Japonais qui a créé de très beaux modèles de théières en fonte. Il a exposé…

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