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Beware the heat!

26 June 2020

Tea plants don’t like extreme heat. In the hottest regions they are grown under cover, like here, in Taiwan. This is not quite the same as shade-grown tea. It means…

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Worth waiting for

18 June 2020

When I buy a freshly picked rare tea, I have just one thing in mind: to make it available to all of you who enjoy premium teas. But it’s not…

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Celebrating the end of lockdown in Kenya

5 June 2020

Today, I’m taking you to the slopes of Mount Kenya. There, at nearly 2,000 metres, a well-structured, aromatic black tea is grown. Quality varies from one plantation to the next….

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Heading to Rwanda

29 May 2020

How would you like to accompany me on a trip to a tea plantation in Rwanda? We’re a three-hour drive north of Kigali. Before reaching the Sorwathe plantation, situated on…

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Les couleurs d’automne du rooibos

18 October 2013

  Le théier est un arbuste à feuilles persistantes et la teinte de son feuillage ne varie donc pas à l’heure où, à l’été, succède un froid radieux. Pour trouver…

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