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A hand

17 January 2020

There are artisan teas, and there are industrial teas. The same is true for many of the products we consume. If we had to pick something that symbolises the work…

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The work of a tea researcher

10 January 2020

In less than three months, the spring cycle will begin, and with it will come a deluge of new pluckings. As in every year, in addition to our regular selection,…

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A moment of pure happiness

3 January 2020

I wish all of you an excellent year. I hope you find time to be good to yourself, to be good to others, to meditate, be happy, enjoy nature, walk…

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Happy Holidays!

27 December 2019

The photo I’m sharing with you today may come as a surprise. After all, you’re used to seeing the faces of tea pluckers, planters, farmers, people from diverse ethnic backgrounds…

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The dark tea season

20 December 2019

The winter in general and especially the festive season is an ideal opportunity to explore dark teas, which have been fermented. The best known come from Yunnan and are called…

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Les couleurs d’automne du rooibos

18 October 2013

  Le théier est un arbuste à feuilles persistantes et la teinte de son feuillage ne varie donc pas à l’heure où, à l’été, succède un froid radieux. Pour trouver…

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