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Mr Huang, a displaced worker

31 October 2019

Mr Huang is one of millions of Chinese workers who have decided to leave their native region to earn a living elsewhere. It is much easier to find work in…

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Rare smoked teas

24 October 2019

Smoked tea, or Lapsang Souchong, is a speciality of Fujian. It is not very popular with Chinese people, and so it is exported. European food safety regulations were tightened a…

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Quimper gets its Palais

18 October 2019

The people of Quimper now have their very own Palais des Thés, at 15 Rue Kéréon, near the cathedral.  I was delighted to open the shop, partly because I love…

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A Christmas log straight out of Wonderland

11 October 2019

The Christmas logs designed by our leading pastry chefs are eagerly anticipated. We always look forward to the moment when the log is revealed, and we can admire its form…

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The right infusion temperature

4 October 2019

When you’re travelling, you sometimes have to boil water to purify it. For tea, that’s obviously not ideal, especially as some teas need to be infused at 50°, 70° or…

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Les couleurs d’automne du rooibos

18 October 2013

  Le théier est un arbuste à feuilles persistantes et la teinte de son feuillage ne varie donc pas à l’heure où, à l’été, succède un froid radieux. Pour trouver…

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