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Working outside

27 March 2020

These tea pickers have less to fear from Coronavirus than others. They walk to work, they move about in single file, they keep a good distance between themselves, and what’s…

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Thank you

20 March 2020

At 8 o’clock in the evening, everyone throws open their windows and starts clapping, or they bang on a saucepan or some random kitchen utensil to make as much racket…

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The joy of singing

13 March 2020

They haven’t seen one for nearly twenty years – a rainy winter. For almost two decades, planters constantly complained about the dryness in January or February, or both. In 2017…

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In focus

28 February 2020

Focusing is important, as any photographer will tell you. You can focus on the foreground, middleground or background, or you can try to capture everything with the same clarity. As…

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Les couleurs d’automne du rooibos

18 October 2013

  Le théier est un arbuste à feuilles persistantes et la teinte de son feuillage ne varie donc pas à l’heure où, à l’été, succède un froid radieux. Pour trouver…

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