Palais des Thés

The story of Palais des Thés began in Paris in 1986 when, with a group of 40 or so friends, we decided to open a shop selling tea. Our plan was to bring tea to a much wider public. I wanted to be sure we were selling good quality, fresh products, and so I started sourcing the teas directly from their countries of origin.

Passionate about our cause, we made it our mission to introduce as many people as possible to the best teas. This philosophy still lies behind everything the company does today. Every year, I spend several months visiting plantations around the world, choosing the teas that we sell in Palais des Thés stores in France and internationally.

Thanks to my presence on the ground – and that of our team – we have been able to build up detailed knowledge of gardens and plantations, terroirs and techniques. Above all we have got to know the men and women who devote their time to producing the world’s best teas. Over the years I have been lucky to taste some exceptional teas and discover some rare ones that are still not well known: first flush Darjeelings, new season green teas from Japan and China, Oolongs from Taiwan, dark teas from Yunnan, and other “grands crus” that are available for just a few months a year, in very small quantities.

Palais des Thés’ expertise also extends to the creation of flavoured blends. Mathias Minet, who joined Palais des Thés at the end of the 1990s, has been developing the company’s in-house flavoured blends for 20 years. He is behind popular products such as Hammam Green Tea, Blue of London and Cheers to Tea!

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