Protecting tea plants from the heat

26 March 2010
Protecting tea plants from the heat

As I was mentioning it in a previous post, tea requires delicate care. Tea plants appreciate a bit of shade, especially if the sun is strong. In the hottest regions, trees are planted to help the plants and give them some cover, like here in the Nilgiri mountains (India).
Contrarily to Darjeeling and Assam, the tea produced in the region is mainly black crushing-tearing-curling (CTC) tea and harvesting occurs all year round. This straightfoward process applied to low quality leaves  makes a tea with little taste, often found in tea bags…
So, not very good teas in this region, but beautiful landscapes, charming little villages (Coonoor, Munnar), gardens growing spices, hills covered with cardamom plantations… An appealing region to say it short.

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  1. i think, the farmers should try some other alternatives rather then trying to protect these leaves from sun rays with the help of trees! They must switch to some kind of nets which could help them out & they good extract the best eaves from consumption!

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