Tea growing under British influence

16 March 2010
Tea growing under British influence

It was the British who introduced and organised tea growing in India. They created large tea plantations called tea estates. Keen to retain the comforts of home, they built charming, typically British cottage-style houses.
When I visited the Thiashola Tea Estate in India, I was lucky enough to be able to stay in this tea grower’s house. It dates back to the nineteenth century. Nestled on the edge of the jungle, it overlooks the tea, the clouds and the Deccan plain. What a joy to arrive there, surrounded by flowers, to contemplate this unique landscape and enjoy its rare silence. A feeling of being at the edge of the world. Total isolation. The moment I loved best: at dawn, pulling on a sweater, going outside and sitting on the front steps, a bowl of steaming tea in my hands, admiring the glowing red sky as the sun rose.

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  1. Dear Francois, Congratulations ! Your blog is like you….wonderful ! I still remember fondly your visits to Thiashola and I am so glad that you enjoyed it immensely ! Do make that trip to the Nilgiris again ! Sharmila. Krish and I will enjoy having you with us. It was great meeting up though for a short time, last month ! I look forward to visiting your blog regularly ! Take care and wish you continued success ! Anil

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