Tea pluckers at the Longview Tea Estate

2 March 2010
Tea pluckers at the Longview Tea Estate

These tea pluckers at the Longview Tea Estate (India) are laughing because I’ve brought them some photos I took of them several years earlier in the tea plantations. I like this way of connecting with people. I like going back to places I’ve been before, seeking out the same faces, giving them the photos I took. And then sitting down to enjoy them together.
We can make these kinds of connections on my blog, too. Do comment if you feel like it, tell me what you’ve enjoyed, or what you don’t like. Send me a few words from time to time, make yourselves known, it will give me a sense that you are there, that you are part of the journey!

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0 thoughts on “Tea pluckers at the Longview Tea Estate
  1. Hi there,

    I’m reading up on the estates before we get them in the shop and came across this photo. It’s amazinf how you’ve caught the moment of pure joy! And it great for a fresh(wo)man like myself to pick up on the different info about, in this case, Longview. Thank you so much for sharing. We are very excited about the firstflushes soon to arrive.

  2. Its really a awesome pic and ur visit to longview tea estate is one of the pleaure that we had recieved..as i m from darjeeling i love this place ane the people of this place.
    Do visit again and again

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