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The Suizen-ji garden in Kumamoto

11 January 2019

When I’m in Japan, I like to visit the gardens whenever I get a chance. They are incredibly beautiful. Peaceful, silent places where invisible gardeners with a keen eye for…

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I wish you a real year!

4 January 2019

We know that social media algorithms are programmed to put you in contact with similarly-minded people to make you believe that everyone shares the same views as you, and at…

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The faces behind your favourite teas

28 December 2018

When you prepare a cup of tea, you may find yourself wanting to know more about it. What sort of landscape did it grow in? Who are the people that…

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Mrs Ming, an exceptional woman

21 December 2018

In the world of tea, Mrs Ming is very unusual. There are very few woman in charge of a tea plantation. Not only does Mrs Ming produce some incredible Oolongs,…

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Changing landscapes

14 December 2018

Tea grows in many countries, but the plantations look very different from one region to another. With the gently undulating rows of tea plants, the light covering of trees for…

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Tea fields are also maintained during winter

14 February 2012

During the winter months, tea plants grow very little, if at all. So this is the time to work on maintaining the fields, such as in the wood park, for…

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How to keep warm with tea

7 February 2012

With the cold you are battling in France at the moment, you need to keep warm. Always have to hand a kettle filled with fresh water, for example, a singing…

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Sipping boiling hot tea, a true winter pleasure

17 January 2012

When you’re feeling cold, what could be better than going home, putting the kettle on and warming your fingers a few minutes later around a cup of steaming tea? Under…

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Fans for tea fields

21 May 2010

Some sights in the tea fields in Japan are strange. The green rows of tea trees are covered with fans stuck up on top of numerous posts and their metal spikes give…

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