A magnificent tea from Margaret’s Hope

12 April 2013
A magnificent tea from Margaret’s Hope

Margaret’s Hope has one of the best reputations among Darjeeling gardens. It has built this recognition mainly on its second flush teas, those harvested from mid May to mid June. However, it does also produce some very good first flush teas. Indeed, I have just bought a truly unique batch from Margaret’s Hope, made up almost entirely of buds. It looks like a white tea. It is exceptionally subtle. In the cup, it develops smooth, sweet, elegant qualities that are totally unique.

It is without doubt the very best batch of its kind produced by this garden in recent years. Tea drinkers with an educated palate and who appreciate the rarest fine teas will love it.

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  1. Amazing! Will a batch of this seemingly wonderful Margaret’s Hope first flush make it to Oslo? I work in the store at Grünerløkka downtown Oslo, and I am so excited to taste the first flush teas of 2013.

  2. Keemun is one the best-keeping black teas. Fine specimens will keep for years if stored properly and take on a mellow winey character. The name Keemun comes from Qimen county in southern Anhui province, where almost all the mountains are covered with tea bushes. Qimen county produced only green tea until the mid 1870?s. Around that time a young man in the civil service lost his job. Despite being totally heartbroken and completely embarrassed by his shame, he remembered what his father told him – ?A skill is a better guarantor of a living than precarious officialdom?. Following this advice, the young man packed up his courage and his bags to travel to Fujian Province to learn the secrets of black tea manufacturing. Upon his return to Qimen in 1875 he set up three factories to produce black tea. The black tea method was perfectly suited to the tea leaves produced in this warm moist climate with well drained sandy soil. Before long, the superb flavor of Keemuns became very popular around the world.

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