The tea plant looks like a bonsai

13 August 2010
The tea plant looks like a bonsai

I mustn’t deceive you about the character of the tea plant. Don’t think that just because this shrub is kept close to the ground through successive pruning and harvesting that it is weedy or fragile in any way. The tea plant is nothing of the sort – on the contrary. Because it is constantly frustrated in its growth, the trunk of each shrub becomes incredibly thick. It is wide, knotted, twisted; in fact, a tea plantation looks rather like a forest of bonsais.

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  1. Hi, as a fan of both tea and bonsai, I would like to bonsai a tea plant who’s leavs I could use to brew my own little bonsai cuppa.
    Could you (or any one else reading this) recomend a species of tea with small leaves. And preferably tropial, I’d like to grow it indoors.


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