Tea bud and fine plucking

9 March 2010
Tea bud and fine plucking

Let’s get back to tea and how it is harvested. When the camellia is fully grown, the youngest leaves are plucked. In this photo you can see what is known as the “fine plucking”: the removal of the bud and the next two tea leaves. This is almost the best thing that can be done with tea: it’s a symbol of perfection.
Imperial tea plucking takes place in China in May. It is a very exceptional occurrence and only takes place in those rare villages that are said to produce the most famous teas. As for the plucking of the bud alone, this is sold under the name Silver Tips or Yin Zhen; it is extremely subtle and needs to be appreciated by connoisseurs. From left to right: fine plucking, imperial plucking and the bud alone.

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0 thoughts on “Tea bud and fine plucking
  1. Beautiful picture ! I am a great tea lover but before discovering this blog I didn’t know anything about tea trees, tea pucking or harvest. So thank you for sharing your knowledge and your photos. I’m going to be an expert myself soon !. 🙂

    1. Yes you are absolutely right. I should have said “in this photo you can see what is known as the “fine plucking” if you forget the oldest leaf and focus on those which are above it …”
      Thanks for your comment.

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