Discovering Tea, a Tea Traveller’s Blog

26 January 2010
Discovering Tea, a Tea Traveller’s Blog

An indefatigable globetrotter, François-Xavier Delmas has been touring the tea plantations of the world for more than 20 years in search of the best teas. Throughout India, China, Nepal, Japan, Taiwan and Sri Lanka, he has scaled the remotest mountains on his quest for the rarest teas.
How would he describe himself? Tea researcher? Tea explorer? Tea sommelier? Tea-trotter? It is difficult to summarise in just a few words these journeys inspired by tea, except to say that they are motivated by the desire to offer, through Le Palais des Thés’ stores, the finest pluckings, the rarest, most fleeting harvests, those that fetch a small fortune, on condition that he knows the growers, is in regular contact with them and, in many cases, is a longstanding and loyal friend. The aim of is to follow the peregrinations of “FX” and to understand tea through the words and images of a passionate man. And not just tea – for there is much more besides – but also the people, traditions and cultures of the world that he encounters on his travels.

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  1. Very interesting. Just happened to be browsing and came across your blog

    My husband and I, own a small Tea estate in Galaha, deltota( Off kandy) where the father of Tea, Sir James Taylor lived once upon a time!

    Im hoping to try making the silver tips tea to have white Tea.

    We have an area of these specific bushes. We also own a homestay!
    You will be welcome home!


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