Tea can infuse directly in the glass

In China, tea is often infused directly in the glass. As you drink your “cha”, your host tops it up with hot water. To stop the leaves going in your mouth, you bring your teeth together, which doesn’t prevent you from smiling at the same time.

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The Darjeeling train can travel without carriages

The little Darjeeling train is completely unpredictable. From time to time it travels without carriages. A few lucky passengers seem to be allowed though, on condition that they can hold a contorted pose for a long time. They hang their bags wherever they can, and simply put any other luggage on the roof of the locomotive.

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Panels for trapping harmful insects

On the tea plantations there are plenty of ideas for trapping harmful insects. For example, here in Hangzhou, they place little panels covered in glue everywhere among the tea plants. The fluorescent yellow of the boards attracts the insects, but most of all it is the pheromones in which they are coated that appeals so much to bugs.

These are clearly unrelated to all the election boards that are flourishing, right up until this weekend, all around our voting stations.

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On the tea routes with my colleagues

Most of the time I travel the tea routes alone, but I also really enjoy sharing with my colleagues the pleasure of walking among the tea plants and observing all the stages of the processing. These trips are very rewarding because we can spend time together talking about our shared passion, understanding, learning, tasting all sorts of teas, and discussing them endlessly. Here, on the right of Waterqian, who produces Bi Luo Chun, and in the middle of his tea garden, are Aurélie, Carine, Cyrille and Mathias. I took this photo last week.

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Newly wed Chinese couples love going to Suzhou

The city of Suzhou is full of character. Many Chinese tourists come here to find some old-world charm. In the historic part of the city, canals run alongside the narrow streets, and many newly wed Chinese couples come here to make pictures. In fact you cannot walk more than a few paces before coming across a pair of young newlyweds posing under the watchful eye of the professional photographers, who are eager to capture their models in the right pose. This pretty bride exudes happiness as she smiles for the cameras.

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