The little Darjeeling train

These days, when everything has to be fast, modernisation has also affected the little Darjeeling train. For one of the daily services, the steam train lets out a big sigh and takes a break to make way for a diesel engine, as we can see here. So this is a bit of progress to be avoided, unless the journey itself is not your aim and all that matters is to get there quickly.

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Tea pluckers at the Longview Tea Estate

These tea pluckers at the Longview Tea Estate (India) are laughing because I’ve brought them some photos I took of them several years earlier in the tea plantations. I like this way of connecting with people. I like going back to places I’ve been before, seeking out the same faces, giving them the photos I took. And then sitting down to enjoy them together.
We can make these kinds of connections on my blog, too. Do comment if you feel like it, tell me what you’ve enjoyed, or what you don’t like. Send me a few words from time to time, make yourselves known, it will give me a sense that you are there, that you are part of the journey!

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The “Toy Train” running from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling

I like taking things slowly. I appreciate anything that takes its time. So you won’t be surprised to hear that my favourite train is one of the slowest in the world, perhaps the last steam train in operation in India. It is nicknamed the Toy Train and it runs between Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling, a distance of 80 km which takes it… 8 hours! It needs all its puff to climb 2,088 metres.

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Hisanori Masuda, teapot designer

Mon ami Hisanori Masuda

I’m happy to introduce to you my friend Hisanori Masuda. Hisanori is a famous Japanese designer who creates great models of cast iron teapots. He has exhibited worldwide (in New York’s MoMa for instance) and teaches at university in Japan. We have known each other for fifteen years thanks to Kayoko Nishikawa with whom I travelled a few times in the north of the archipelago, notably in the district of Iwate. It’s in fact the region where cast iron teapots are made. They are still casted one by one today. Hisanori has also made very nice models of tea kettles, with a simple, traditional and meticulous design. The Hikime, Chokaku and Natsume teapots illustrate his work perfectly.
We got together last week at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt. Hisanori came to visit the Palais des Thés’ stand and I thus presented him to our team who was looking forward to meet him. This photo was taken for the occasion.

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Tea plants around Mount Fuji

There are many tea plantations around this Japanese peak, but it’s not easy to find a spot where you can only see the tea garden with Mount Fuji in the background. You have to drive around the narrow back roads, keep turning round… It requires patience. And when you reach your goal, don’t expect solitude: the Japanese are keen photographers, and there is a real cult attached to their favourite volcano… There were at least a dozen Japanese around me when I took this photo.

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