Tea auctions in Sri Lanka


When I set off to visit Sri Lankan plantations, I stop off first in Colombo to taste the teas being sold at auction in the following days. It gives me a good idea of the quality being produced by the different gardens. Each of these boxes contains a few tea leaves and is marked with the lot number.


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As strong as a Turk

Tea leaves transport

In most regions of the world, tea leaves are transported by tractor after being harvested. In Turkey, you see men carrying absolutely enormous bags. They tumble them down the slopes, over the tea plants, until they reach the road.

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Tasting and contemplating


The advantage of photographing a window is that you can layer two images: here, the tasting set being prepared, and the landscape reflected in the glass. It’s fun to combine and merge the two views. The meaning of the tasting becomes clearer: we drink the tea, which comes from nature, surrounded by the land from which it originated.

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Delicious, fairly traded teas


My purpose in life? To offer you not only delicious teas, but fairly traded teas too. Teas that allow the people who have harvested them to lead happy lives, work for themselves if possible, be able to hold their heads up high and look after themselves, and educate their children.

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Transporting freshly harvested tea: a crucial stage


There must be as little delay as possible from the time the tea is harvested to the moment it reaches the building for processing. This is because the fresh leaves, wrapped in bags for transporting, immediately start to ferment with the heat and humidity.

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