My niece Aurélie launched Le Palais des Thés US

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Twenty-five years ago I created Le Palais des Thés to turn my passion into a job, and to share with other enthusiasts the pleasures of tasting the world’s best teas. Since she was little, my niece Aurélie has always seen me with a cup of tea in my hand and has listened to my stories of distant travels to the plantations of China and Japan. A year ago, Aurélie, who has grown up to be a great connoisseur of tea herself, decided to start an exciting new venture and a fantastic challenge. Accompanied by Cy, her husband, she has decided to move to the United States and write a new chapter in this family story, by launching Le Palais des Thés in North America.

I am hugely proud of my niece and I know she will succeed – I have seen how passionate she and her husband are. They have a pioneering spirit.

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  • Congratulations!

  • Thanks Steph !

  • Hello François,
    I stumbled upon your blog and was very excited to read your tea adventures but I must say I was disappointed to find so little written about Assam Tea– surely it is the finest tea in the world! I am the daughter of an Assam tea planter, and I have tea in my blood! I have written plenty about Assam Tea on my blog (please look under the drop down “TEA” tab on top). Congratulations to Aurélie on starting the American chapter of Le Palais des Thés. I will google it and check it out for sure. My best to you. Shona

    • Dear Shona, Thank you for your comment. I’ll try to share more about Assam. I like Assam tea estates very much. I was last year around Jorhat and I loved it. I stayed in Dufflating, in Amgoorie…
      Congratulations for your blog and history of bungalows !

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