Tea fields are also maintained during winter

14 February 2012
Tea fields are also maintained during winter

During the winter months, tea plants grow very little, if at all. So this is the time to work on maintaining the fields, such as in the wood park, for example. The term “wood park” denotes an area planted with bushes from which cuttings are taken. The plants are therefore chosen with great care. Each parent tea plant, like here in the wood park at Namring Tea Estate (India), can provide between 50 and 300 cuttings a year.

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  1. I have had a lovely time looking through your website. The next time that you are in India, look up my good friend,Bob Jones,who looks after Tara Tea Estate-a plantation that has a beautiful setting overlooking Lake Umiam (Barapani) which is near Shillong in Meghalaya. Bob’s teas, being high grown have the lovely flavour and aroma of tea like some Darjeelings and Nuwara Eliyas but nevetheless has a distinct character of it’s own. Let me have an email address and I will send a photo of Tara.

  2. Dear Larry, Thank you for your comment. I heard that Tara is a beautifull tea estate but I don’t know the quality of the tea produced there. Of course you can forward my email address : team@palaisdesthes.com
    Thanks you !

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