Darjeeling is a hotspot in terms of seismic activity

20 September 2011
Darjeeling is a hotspot in terms of seismic activity

There were many victims of Sunday’s earthquake in Sikkim, including in the city of Darjeeling, less than 100km from the epicentre. Naturally, my heart goes out to the victims of this catastrophe, and I feel very saddened for those affected. I have been in touch with our various tea producers in the region, and fortunately none came to any harm.

Although earthquakes are fairly rare in Darjeeling, the region is a hotspot in terms of seismic activity, being situated where the Indian plate meets the Asian plate. In reality though, the people of Darjeeling suffer more frequently from landslides than earthquakes. They happen every year, and there are many victims.

This photo I took in Darjeeling gives you an idea of how homes are built here, on sloping ground, and helps illustrate the population’s vulnerability to natural catastrophes.

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0 thoughts on “Darjeeling is a hotspot in terms of seismic activity
  1. Yes François, your picture is perfect realization of Population burst in the Himalayan regions like Darjeeling.
    Thanks for sharing. I wish to keep a followup on this. In fact have booked my travel there and I am worried to travel to Darjeeling and Sandakfu regions during 1st week of October 2011.
    Do u think these kind of Earth quakes may re-occur within next 15 days. What does experts say ?

  2. Dear Amit ! I’m more expert on tea than on seismic activity so i’m sorry not to be able to tell you if there is any risk of shake beginning of october… But don’t worry, it doesn’t happen often and I’m sure you’ll be perfectly safe. Sandakpu is a such nice place, I’m sure you’ll love it as well and at that season you may have a great view on Kanchenjunga from there. Enjoy and all the best !

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