In Amgoorie, the factory is remarkably clean

21 June 2011
In Amgoorie, the factory is remarkably clean

The factory at the Amgoorie Tea Estate (Assam) has a remarkable size. It is the pride and joy of the planter there, Amar Nain, who designed it. The light, clean space make a change from the rather dilapidated, dimly lit buildings I often visit.

On the floor are pyramids of teas of different grades, waiting to be packed after a final quality check which is carried out by hand, leaf by leaf.

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2 thoughts on “In Amgoorie, the factory is remarkably clean
  1. I love it because I was brought up in Amgoorie from 1947 until 1968 – years of playing around the factory, smelling the fermentation chungs, watching the rolling stock machinery, finally CTC, drying and grading etc!!
    Finally I wonder where the Billy McKercher CTC machine has gone, it was pinned to the ground near the Manager’s Office??? A relic which should still be in Amgoorie.
    More later. Babs Meredith Johnson

    1. Nice to read your message. Great memories…! Sorry I can’t answer your question because I buy only othodox teas, I may visit CTC factories when a tea estate produces both ctc and othodox. However, i’m not able to tell you if your “Billy Mc Kercher CTC machine” is still there !

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