Tea, a simple drink

19 March 2010
Tea, a simple drink

Tea is a serious matter, it requires much hard work and science to grow it, harvest its leaves, wither them, heat them, roll them, oxidise them, dry them, sort them and more. But tea is not just about that. It is also a simple drink, an everyday act, an affordable pleasure. Here, in Kolkata, this street seller, just opposite the New Market, is enjoying his chai tea. He’s drinking it from a little throwaway earthenware cup.

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  1. Green tea is my favourite. I list it in my comfort foods. I a very large cup which I fill and sip. It’s autumn here in Australia and the weather is cooling down. I love my tea early on a cold morning. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and travels.

  2. I usually drink japanese green tea in the morning. The boy on the picture is drinking Chai tea : tea leaves, spices and milk. Delicious!

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