The tea harvest in the south of Sri Lanka

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Sometimes the people who harvest tea don’t have the necessary equipment to process the leaves. In this case, they sell their crop to another farmer who is able to process it.
This is what happens in the south of Sri Lanka, where each tea factory dispatches vehicles to collect bags from small producers.

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  • Which part of the production process walks away with the most to gain? The one growing the plant or the one selling it?

  • You share very good information Interesting, clear and precise. Well put François-Xavier.

  • @ Tom Difficult to say. The one growing the plant has other revenues (from agriculture or else) and is free to contract with one or another selling company. So it is a fai deal. Also the grower has no investment to support while the one proceesing the leaves in his factory has to face huge investments which make comparaison more difficult.

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