Semi-wild tea plants in Yunnan

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The harvesting of leaves used to make Pu Er is interesting. Here, in the west of Yunnan near the border with Myanmar, the tea plants are left in a semi-wild state, and the plucking consists of a walk through the forest. Instead of keeping the tea plants cropped at a convenient height for harvesting, as is usually the case, they are left to grow into trees, or always have been, and the workers walk around them to pluck the bud and the next two leaves, as is the practice with all other teas.

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  • Hi Francois

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Did you find any gems in Burma for tea production? I am thinking of doing some touring of the Shan district myself as a tea fanatic.

    Kind regards


  • Dear Kendal, Burma produces good teas. But I didnt find any Grand Cru there yet. I keep searching, of course !

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