Happy holidays to all my readers!

With many of you currently heading off to the green countryside, I dedicate this photo to you, and hope you enjoy your holidays. As for me, I’m surrounded by greenery all year round in the tea fields, and I’ll continue to bring you news throughout the summer. The tea plants won’t stop growing while you’re at the seaside! And don’t forget to prepare a jug of your favourite iced tea to take with you and keep you cool on the beach!

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Wild orchids growing around tea plantations

Spending your life in the tea fields does not prevent you from wandering around the tea plantations and raising your eyes to admire the nature around you. Here in Nepal, wild orchids grow right on the tree bark. Alongside them live many other delicately coloured flowers and mosses.

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Carine Baudry helping in the making of a Long Jing

This year, during the Long Jing harvest, the team from Le Palais des Thés lent a hand – in the wok. Here, Carine Baudry, head of the Tea School, is listening carefully to the advice being given by Professor Liang. Yuerong Liang is director of the Tea Research Centre at the Agricultural University of Hangzhou. He explains the great skill involved in processing Long Jing: it requires an extremely precise hand movement, and you must be very careful not to burn yourself.

When you have taken part in the making of a tea, you appreciate it even more when it comes to tasting it.

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The best Taiping Hou Kui is produced here

Taiping Hou Kui is known as a precious tea among the Chinese, but very few have had the opportunity of tasting it even once in their life.

Here, we are in Hou Kui, in the famous “Village of the Monkeys”, the birthplace of this tea and its most well-known production site. In the main factory of the village, employees work beneath the gaze of the Russian president, who is very fond of this fine Chinese tea and received some as a gift from Hu Jintao. The tea given by the Chinese president to his Russian counterpart was made in this very factory, so you can imagine the pride of all the workers.

If, like Vladimir Putin, you like Taiping Hou Kui, then this is the time to make the most of it. The 2012 plucking is now available.

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An unusual place to take wedding photos

If you’re looking for an unusual place to take your wedding photos, and like something a little different, why not try the Long Jing tea plantations (China). While his assistant reflects sunlight onto your radiant faces, the photographer will know just how to immortalise the special moment. Also, the same photographer will generally have some useful accessories to help your pictures stand out from others, instantly giving the happy couple a little more extra style.

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