Different drinking habits

When it comes to tea drinking, customs change from country to country. In Burma, for example, tea is served slightly diluted with sweetened condensed milk. You can like or not like this way of doing things, but one of camellia sinensis’ many qualities is its tolerance and its ability to make the people of our planet want to adapt it to their own taste.

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Tea awakens us to life

When I visit a monastery in Asia I always think of the important role the monks played in the spread of tea. Because tea has the ability to keep the mind alert, because it helps us learn, and assimilate knowledge, its use spread from monastery to monastery, from China to Korea, then from China to Japan.

What the monks tell us by carrying tea beyond borders in this way is that tea awakens us to life. It is good for our body, and good for our soul.

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Big blue sky above the tea plants

It is not just France enjoying a clear blue sky at the moment. Camellia sinensis is happy in weather that sees rain alternating with cloudless skies. However, it also has a fondness for spells of mist.

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Assam teas are worth a detour

Powerful and full-bodied, Assam teas are worth a detour. Yet these teas are still not that well known. If you like Burgundy wines, I recommend them. You will find the same astringency and lovely finish in the mouth, the spicy, woody notes sometimes accompanied by tobacco and honey aromas.

Don’t these cheerful pluckers make you want to learn more about their tea?

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