Eggs with tea

If you’ve never cooked with tea, here’s a simple recipe to get you started: marbled eggs. It’s Easter, but we’re...

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A hundred teas a day

12 April 2019

When I tell people that I sometimes taste 50 or 100 teas a day, or even more, many are surprised, and ask: how can you try that many teas and…

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Are you more Clonal Superb or China Exotic?

29 March 2019

Indians use the name inherited from the British to describe tea leaves (see my previous blog post). However, in the past few years, they haven’t been content with the letters…

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Do you speak DJ-12-SFTGFOP1-Clonal-Superb?

22 March 2019

I’m often asked what the letters and words mean following the name of a tea. Let’s take the example of a first-flush Darjeeling, Singbulli DJ-12-SFTGFOP1-Clonal-Superb.          Singbulli…

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Darjeeling Opens the Season

15 March 2019

First flush teas are often the best, as the year’s first harvest. With winter coming to a close, cold nights keep the plants growing slowly, which results in richer flavours….

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À chacun son printemps

28 April 2017

  A celles et ceux qui souhaitent découvrir les thés de printemps, voici mes conseils. Les Darjeeling récoltés en mars et avril développent des notes florales soutenues qui vont de…

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À propos de la sélection des Darjeeling de Printemps

14 April 2017

  Les Darjeeling de Printemps sont les thés les plus difficiles à acheter car la production n’y est pas organisée comme ailleurs. A Darjeeling, on récolte les feuilles d’un même…

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Le temps d’infusion des Darjeeling de printemps

27 March 2015

Les Darjeeling de printemps infusent entre 3’30 et 4 minutes. Le plus simple est de régler votre minuteur sur 3’45. Il faut être précis lorsque l’on prépare ce type de…

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Let’s celebrate spring!

21 March 2014

To celebrate the arrival of spring with you, what better than to take a break together, put the kettle on, sit down in an upright position, empty our minds, shut…

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